How I Became A Birth Photographer

Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life.
— Ina May Gaskin

My childhood was spent in Mexico and coming home with salt dried hair, sandy bathing suits and sticky fingers from tropical fruit, was our average weekend. Some of my best memories were during this time and my mom always made sure to document them, even when she was embarrassing us! Now as an adult, being able to look back at a single image and remember the juiciness of that pineapple or the giggle attacks with my siblings, is priceless. Reminiscing on the tenderness and innocence of my childhood is what inspired me to pursue photography.

I’d endlessly document my traveling adventures and people I met along the way. But it was until after graduating college I asked myself, “What do I do now?”, did I realize I was still lacking that spark in my life. I was always very passionate about childbirth and was considering going back to school to become a midwife. It was during this time of reflection a friend asked me to photograph the birth of their first child. Uniting two of my passions? It was right up my alley!

Little did I know how life changing this beautiful Saturday afternoon would be. It was the most raw, intimate and empowering event I had ever witnessed. I was on a high for days and I felt so honored my friend and her husband welcomed me into their sacred space. I had found my calling and knew I wanted to continue capturing the journey to parenthood. There’s simply nothing like the joy that overflows parents as they look through their images and see the support from their significant other, the strength within themselves, and the very moments they welcome their child into this world.

My Philosophy

Capturing those tender moments while your partner supports you through contractions, the smiles in between, the delivery and meeting your baby for the first time, and meeting other family members, tells the story of your baby's birthday. My role as your birth photographer is to document your birth quietly, unobtrusively and authentically, without judgement, preserving the sacredness of your birth space. I believe every birth deserves to be captured no matter how it unfolds. I tell each birth story by capturing the intimate details you might have missed or forgotten, and the emotional journey throughout your labor and delivery.

I become more than just your photographer, as I build relationships based on security and trust, and as part of your birth team, I serve my clients in any way I can. The safety of you and your baby are a top priority. Your professional medical team; your doctors, midwives, nurses will always take precedence to ensure you are receiving the best care possible. I will always work around them with the parameters I am given, while still capturing your birth story. These unconstrained and authentic moments don't recreate themselves and I hope to capture this special day in your life with images that will last lifetimes. 



My Style

I am what is called a hybrid shooter. I shoot both film (yes, real film!) and digital. Both formats are great, which is why I choose to shoot with both. Normally you’ll see me with double straps, one side being a digital camera, and the other film. I love the dreamy and timeless look of film, and I love the dynamic range and quickness of digital.

Since shooting film is drastically different than shooting digital, I have to balance both throughout a birth, and afterward to ensure they are a cohesive final product for my clients. Over time, I've worked out an ideal workflow that makes the most sense for me.

All birth sessions are shot in black and white film and a mixture of color, and black and white film are used for lifestyle sessions. Shooting film doesn’t affect my workflow and you will receive all your images the same way.