Hybrid Shooter - Film & Digital

Finding your style is one of the biggest journeys that a photographer embarks on. In my head I had an idea of what I wanted but making it become reality was the hard part. I knew what I wanted but didn't quite know how to get there. Then I began to discover the work of film photographers. And something in me sparked! This was it! And since then I have been on this journey of learning how to shoot film! 

A lot of times I let my clients know that I shoot both digital and film and I realized that they didn't quite know what that meant or how it affects my process. Or honestly they just wanted to know what that big old ancient looking thing I was lugging around was. So I wanted to share some of the ins of being a hybrid shooter!


So I am what is called a hybrid shooter. I shoot both film and digital. Normally during a wedding you’ll see me with a double strap on; one side being a digital camera and the other being a film camera. It's the best way for me to use both simultaneously.


Both formats are great, which is why I choose to shoot with both. I love the dreamy look of film and I love the dynamic range and quickness of digital. I am in the journey of merging the two together as seamlessly as possible.


How will this effect your images and workflow? Well in reality you will receive your images In the same amount of time. Shooting film does not slow down my workflow process and you will receive your images the same way as digital(Through your online gallery). I personally edit the digital images and I send out the film to a professional lab. The lab then sends them to me in a digital format. Which I then combine with the digitals!

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any questions!