Birth - Starts at 1,600
Capture one of the most singular moments in your life with photos that tell the story of your baby's birthday!
Includes a pre-consultation, being on call 24/7 from 38 weeks, coverage of your birth story from active labor up until 2 hours postpartum, hand culled images and an 8x8 heirloom linen album.

Newborn Lifestyle - 1,100
Settle in, feel rested and take your time getting pretty for a comfortable and relaxed session in your own home.
Includes a pre-consultation, a two hour session, hand culled images and 4x6 proof prints.

Fresh 48 - 1,100
Perfect for those wanting a more private experience to document their baby's birthday, also allowing  mom to rest and freshen up.
Includes a pre-consultation, being on call,  a one hour session at the birth place within 24-48 hours of birth, hand culled images and 4x6 proof prints.

Lifestyle - 600
In your home experience a relaxed and stress-free session full of candid moments with your significant other and children.
Includes a pre-consultation, a one hour session, hand culled images and 4x6 proof prints.


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